Simple Mile Life

About Us

Nick & Rumiko

We are a married couple born and raised in different countries. Nick was born in the USA, and Rumiko was born in Japan. We have been married since May 2014.
We started to live in the US from December 2016.

Here is a little bit more about us:
Nick… An expert of mile
Favorite food: chocolate, icecream
Hobby: Earning points and miles, traveling, jogging
Rumiko… A begginer of mile, Japanese translator in this site
Favorite food: Almost everything
Hobby: Finding good places to eat, jogging

We traveled to Asia and Africa for 3 months before going to the States to live.
After traveling for 3 months, and experiencing the benefits of using loyalty programs we wanted to share our great experiences with others. It is our hope to inspire smart travel that is affordable.
We made use of the points and miles to get incredibly cheap flights and free luxury hotel nights in African countries (also good for security).
We also hope that readers who have recently moved to the USA are able to benefit from loyalty programs.

We put the name our website “Simple Mile Life” from our hope of telling how to collect miles with the simplest way, and our favorite word “Simple Life”.

We’ll try to share our information about points and miles with you both English and Japanese!

by Nick & Rumiko  Dec 2016