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October 2016 – Cape Town, SA

After the Garden Route, we enjoyed Cape Town, the final destination in South Africa for 5 days. Cape Town is very beautiful and large populated place for many tourists to visit. You might not feel like you’re in Africa if you visit this city. We felt like we were in some countries in Europe. Maybe because of its comfortable environment (climate, English speaking people, attractions, etc), there were so many older Western (most likely Europeans) couples as tourists. Cape Town is a quite big modern city, but full of beautiful attractions and nature at the same time.

Downtown Cape Town. The city is quite big and wasn’t as dangerous as we thought at daytime.

Table Mountain

Table Mountain and the flag of South Africa from V&A Waterfront.

The big mountain symbolizing Capetown and having a very flat shape. We still don’t know fully how this shape was made. However, the attraction of visiting isn’t only its shape. We can hike to the top of the mountain or just take a cable car.

The cable car going to the top and another famous mountain in Cape Town, called Lion’s Head. Both of the mountains are fun to hike.

The top of the Table Mountain and the view from the mountain top. It was a perfect sunny day on the day we visited there. Soooo beautiful! Easy to hike for a while because of its flat shape!


Cape Town is well-known as its wine producer. It is said the climate of Cape Town is exactly the same as France. We can enjoy wine tasting at many wineries in the suburbs of Cape Town. The wine tasting is very reasonable compared to Japan and USA at 100 Rand for a tasting. (Around $7 in 2016)

Each wine has an incredibly wonderful flavor and taste. Especially we were so impressed by the rich flavor of the wine. You can taste wine in a large and green-rich British garden with some wine matching foods.

Boulder’s Beach

This is well-known beach as being seen many penguins on the way going to Cape of Good Hope from Cape Town. You’d better stop and take a break at the beach side with cute penguins!

Penguins at Boulder’s Beach. They were not afraid of humans. Their way of walking and jumping is so cute. Can’t believe their ancestors are birds!

Cape of Good Hope

This can be one of the most attractive and beautiful place in Cape Town. The Cape of Good Hope is a national park near Cape Town and the most south-western point of the African Continent. Before going there, we first thought it’s just a place for tourists, but found it has so much attractive and dynamic nature. We understood why this place scared the old people very much.

Dynamic cliff and beautiful sea. So sorry that pictures doesn’t allow you to see its real beautiful nature! If you want to see the real “Cape of Good Hope”, the best way is to visit.

Overall, we will remember Southern Africa for the people and the amazing nature that can be seen here. We have said before, we don’t know when we will come back to Africa. But after spending time here, we know we would like to explore more places in Africa in the future. But for now, Southern Africa has left me very, very impressed.

Double Tree by Hilton – Cape Town

During our visit to Cape Town, we stayed at the Double Tree by Hilton. We were able to use Hilton Hotel Points for our visit. Usually, this hotel would cost 20,000 points per night. However, Hilton has a promotion for Hilton Honors members where if you buy 4 nights with points, you get the 5th night free. So for a total of 5 nights, we used 80,000 points. This would have cost at least $120 per night. Also, as a Diamond member, we were allowed to have a free breakfast each day. This was very convenient.

The hotel had nice services and amenities as well. We had a free shuttle bus back and forth to the downtown area, a daily room cleaning service, access to a small gym, and even a free daily cookie. We also were able to meet very nice staff members during our stay as well.

The easiest way to earn Hilton Honors points is to sign up for a Hilton credit card. There are several different credit cards available with sign up bonuses. The most popular cards with no annual fees and a sign up bonus are the Citi Hilton Honors and a Hilton Honors American Express card. It may be possible to earn between 40,000 – 60,000 points with a single credit card bonus. It is also possible to earn additional points for items purchases as well.

Staying in Cape Town with Hilton points can be a very good deal!