Simple Mile Life

Introducing “Manufactured Spending” to earn points and miles

It is possible to earn thousands of points and miles with credit card sign up bonuses. However, what if you usually do not spend $3000 or $5000 in 3 months? Sure, you can use your credit card for many of your purchases, but sometimes that’s not enough. That is where “Manufactured Spending” comes in.

Manufactured Spending is when you use your points and miles earning credit card to purchase something that is the equivalent of cash. The goal is to meet the spending requirements for your credit card bonus or simply to earn more miles and points in general.


Below, are some possible ways of manufactured spending:

  1. Buying Pin Enabled Gift Cards: One location to purchase Pin Enabled Gift Cards is at Simon Mall locations throughout the USA. It is possible to purchase a $500 gift card for $500 + $4.95 in fees.
  2. Buying Money Orders with Pin Enabled Gift Cards: Money Orders can be purchased at many grocery stores and some discount stores such as Wal-Mart. Usually, there is a fee of around $0.70 per Money Order of $500 or $1000. Pin Enabled gift cards are required because Money Orders can usually only be purchased with Cash or Debit Cards. By entering the Pin number from the gift card at the time of purchase, it acts like a debit card and allows the transaction to take place. However, please note some cashiers or store managers do not permit customers to use Pin enabled gift cards, so every situation is different.
  3. Lending Money on Kiva: It is possible to loan money to entrepreneurs all over the world using your credit card. Thousands of micro-loans that start at $25 are available on their website, and take between 6-12 months to be paid back. All loans do not generate interest.
  4. Loading a Pre-Paid Card like “Serve” or “Bluebird” with a gift card: American Express offers customers a prepaid Debit card called “Serve” and “Bluebird” that can be reloaded with cash and sometimes with Debit cards. If you have a pin enabled gift card, it may be possible to load your Pre-Paid card and use it to pay bills or pay rent with no fee.
  5. Funding a new bank account: With some bank accounts it may be possible to fund the initial deposit with a credit card. This approach can be risky since the bank may think you are trying to use the cash advance feature with your card, which can charge you a larger fee than the miles are worth.
  6. Buying product and reselling them: If you are interested, it is possible to purchase products and resell them for profit. This is of course more risky since not all products are able to sell quickly.

These are some examples of how to spend money with your credit card to earn the bonus, and then get the money back quickly. It is important to proceed with caution if you decide to try this approach since all situations are different. However, since it may be very difficult to meet the minimum spending requirement for new credit cards, having additional ways to spend money without loosing money is very useful.