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Using British Airway Miles

British Airways miles can help you travel using less money. Spending British Airways miles can be cheaper than spending other miles since they calculate the cost based on the distance flown. Even though they are BA miles, you can spend the miles on partner airlines. Below is a chart to help you understand the costs of using British Airway miles:



“Peak” travel means traveling during the busiest travel seasons. “Off Peak” travel means traveling during less busy times. Economy seats are much more affordable, while business and first class tickets are two or three times more expensive.

Along with spending miles, you will also need to pay for taxes and fees with these tickets. Depending on the airline that you fly, these taxes and fees can be very expensive. So it is important to know that some airlines will charge fees, and some will not.

For example, you can use Avios miles to fly on JAL flights within Japan. To fly one way from Tokyo (Haneda) to Kumamoto or Sapporo will only cost 4500 miles, plus $2.50 or $5 for taxes and fees. This was a great way to travel while living in Japan.

Within the USA, it is possible to fly from major cities like Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Miami and New York to over 40 different destinations, including Hawaii and Alaska for between 7500 to 12500 miles plus minimal taxes and fees. It is also possible to fly from smaller airports like Bozeman, MT, Fort Wayne, IN or Omaha, NE. Unfortunately, the cheapest flights in the USA are 7500 miles.

It is also important to know that while the miles can cheap, the fees and charges can be very expensive with flights between certain countries. For example, to fly between the USA and Europe on certain airlines, it may cost over $100-$200 per flight in extra charges. When searching for flights, it will tell you the price before you make your purchase. So you can find out how much the fees and tax will cost.

So when it comes to collecting miles, consider British Airways Avios. Other airlines can charge you more miles, while Avios will only charge you based on the distance you fly. It would be best to check their website to search where you want to fly. Some flights that are shorter distances are extremely good deals, while other flights will charge you way too much with fees. Overall, they are a great airline mile to have.